The minimization of the pollution burden both on our streets and in  companies is one of the most important ecological points of view of our time. Therefore the company Agema develops, completely in the sign of pollution control, vehicles and devices for oil track and extreme dirt elimination under the Oilvampire sign.

The oilvampire sucks and cleans through real vacuum to 40 m hose lenght. For oil and extreme dirt. For many purposes usable. Built up onto normal trucks ( Fast-Runners).Vacuum sow system. Switchable, adjustable creeping. Cleaning widths of 1700 mm - 2700 mm! Store of
fresh water ., hot water to 95 ° with 200 bar water pressure

Separately disengageable nozzle technic, through that less water-consumption. Less disposal material! Hydraulically driven lever arms for constantrotation speeds. Manual lance with radio control, handguided cleaning bonnet with real vacuum, integrated draining of the dirty water, integrated fil-
ling with fresh water, chemical boxes with metering unit, turnable high-grade steel hose drum.

Cleaning lid in high-grade steel, holders for hoses and cleaning bonnet, manholes for maintenance,work floodlight, back driving video system, electrical practiced aluminum rolling shutter, lightbar with white illuminated midfield mounted on highgrade steel roofrack, addition floodlight with indicator on driver's cab roof right and left side, trailer coupling 3.5 to.

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